Travel Information

Q. Do we need travel insurance?
A. Yes travel insurance is must. Your insurance should cover, evacuation in case of emergency specially
      for trekker and last minute cancellation, if expected.

Q. How do we choose the best travel company?
A. Heavenly Bhutan is best local travel company or travel agency, unknown for its best quality services,
     worth for what you have paid, flexible for any kindly of itinerary and request, accept your own choice
     of hotels if any and let you travel freely throughout Bhutan.

Q. Whom should we contact in case of emergency?
A. Heavenly is your host and we are responsible during your stay in Bhutan, so please kindly contact us

Q. Do we get emergency evacuation if needed?
A. Yes, emergency evacuation is possible but it might take sometime to complete all the formality and to
     make it easy, we request you to provide insurance policy # and contact persons in-case if needed.

Q. Do we get medication in case of emergency while in Bhutan?
A. Yes, all kind of medical attention will be available in case if you need, while in Bhutan.

Q. What Heavenly advise on clothing?
A. We advise you to carry warm cloths if you are traveling during Winter, Spring and Autumn however
     light cloths during summer is fine. For more info on details on clothing and weather please visit

Q. Should I bring warm clothes?
A. Yes, you should if you are visiting Bhutan during winter, autumn and spring.

Q. What will be the weather like?
A. Please visit following links.

Q. Can I choose my own hotels?
A. Yes, possible.

Q. Who will be our guide?
A. Heavenly Bhutan’s best guide will be given to you all the time.

Q. What is standard tipping in Heavenly Bhutan?
A. Guide starting USD 80 & above depending on your duration of stay.
     Driver starting USD 50 & above depending on your duration of stay.
     Staffs (Trekking Chef/helper) for trekking group only, USD 40 & above.

Q. Who will meet us at the Paro International Airport?
A. Heavenly Bhutan’s guide/office staffs will meet you at the airport and escort you to the hotels.

Q. How do we know/recognize our guide or Heavenly Bhutan staffs on arrival in Paro?
A. You will find someone who will be holding “Heavenly Bhutan/Logo or your name ” placard .

Q. Can I join the bigger group?
A. Yes possible, if your date coincides with groups.