MICE Tourism

The MICE industry has been growing over the past few years into a mature business sector, driven by the globalization and interest where Bhutan is one of the country and we are the only the one who goes with MICE tourism in Bhutan. Probably there is no other country in the world, until within the present day that has been a less Interest than Bhutan and as a natural consequence, probably no one, that there is less generally known about.

Bhutan often known as" lost Shang-Ri-La" is one destination that will fire up the imagination of your delegates. The tourists are connected to different sectors of the tourism and hospitality industry in Bhutan where we are the ONLY one who gives interest to their desire and imagination about our country, people, nature and many more. Finding Convention Centres in Bhutan can be quite time consuming but we are the one who helps.

Bhutan is a dream comes true for an organisation that is looking for a new and exciting destination to offer as a special location for Incentive trips, Meetings, Special events, Photo shoots, Location scouting, Conventions, Group arrangements, TV-spot-shoots and Product launches. With its unsurpassed scenery and unique blend of culture Bhutan offers something very different. We can always plan your conferences, seminars and Incentive Groups with special events and programs as per your requirements.

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