Photo Shooting

Photo shooting Photo shooting is fun, Photo shooting is business, Photo shooting is enjoyment, Photo shooting is hobby and interest. Anyone who can click photos and have photo cameras can join this program. HBT organizes 5 days and 6 days photo shooting programs which covers live examples of Bhutanese living arts, capturing beautiful pictures of men in action-archery, women in action-khuru, live painting, farmers in action-villagers and farm works, Bhutanese beauty peasants-men and women, Bhutanese in gho and kira, school kids, children, beautiful Dzongs, temples, snow capped mountains, prayer ceremony, monks, prayer flag hosting, cultural programs, cousin and so on.

This is one of the most interesting and unique itinerary for photographers and for those who loves photos. We will also be organizing online photo exhibition every year and provide exciting prices for about top 5 photos of our previous customers. If you are one of our clients who have used any kind of our services, we request you to send us your best two raw pictures of Bhutan, free entry. Your picture will be gone for online voting by end of Feb every year. Voting will be closed on 30-Dec every year and result along with exciting prices will be declared on 31-Dec yearly.

For voting you can request any of your friends, family, relatives and people you know. Voters just need to enter valid email id and name. HBT assures you that your email ids will not be distributed to any one, it is safe and secure. Email id is required to identify and count real voters only.

If you wish to take part in our free entry online photo exhibition, please take part in any of the programs available or send your custom trip request. You will be allowed to exhibit for 3 years continuously on different pictures of Bhutan.

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