Mountain Flights

It is the best which is one and only ways to experience Bhutan is through Mountain Flights. Bhutan's heavenly view provides one with a window of opportunity to access Bhutan's remotest corner. The breath taking flight is a must for mountain lovers with close encounter with Bhutan's famous landmarks the Jumolhari mountain, Jichu Drakye and surrounding Himalayan vistas. It gives one an opportunity to experience a bird's eye view; the flight makes a rough figure eight route across the length of the country. It not only offers scenery from the towering heights of the Eastern Himalayas to the sub-tropical forests of the foothills but the live long experience. The most prestigious mountains like Tari Gang, Masagang are among a few of the majestic sights that you will encounter on this flight. Beyond the mighty summits, you can also catch a glimpse of the Great Tibetan Plateau in all its grandeur stretching in the distance. You can also use this opportunity to focus your camera lens on modern highways linking ancient fortresses, on numerous rivers and lakes, waterfalls and re-mote villages far below you.

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