Money & Payment

Q. How can I make the payment? Credit cards and paypal accepted by Heavenly Bhutan?
A. Tour payment can be made through bank wire only. Heavenly Bhutan will provide various
     international trusted banking options available throughout the globe. No, we don’t accept
     payment by credit card or through paypal.

Q. How safe is it to wire money to Heavenly Bhutan, who we don’t know and haven’t met
A. Transferring money to Heavenly Bhutan is very safe. Heavenly Bhutan do not use your
     money directly. We deposit your entire payment into government’s account and get your visa,
     e-copy will be sent to you. Your payment will be used only after you depart from the country.

Q. Is it mandatory to make 100% payment in advance?
A. Yes. This is because your visa will not be approved without making 100% payment in advance,
     this is as per the tourism rule of the government.

Q. How long does it take to receive the payment by Heavenly Bhutan?
A. Payment takes 3 working days to about a week maximum to reach Bhutan. If we do not get
     payment within a week, we may request you for more documents or ask you to re-check with
     your bank.

Q. Why the tourist tariff is very high in Bhutan?
A. Tourist visiting Bhutan play bigger role, from the tariff, you will be contributing 35% per day
     to the government for the development and people’s welfare. From the balance, you will be
     getting accommodation in 3 star hotel on twin sharing, all meals, land transport and sightseeing,
     museum fees, guide and visa arrangement.